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Speedway Auto Inc.

9609 Lakewood Blvd Downey, CA 90240

(562) 981-2710

Signed Contract on May 19 2012

2,000 down

Car started overheating and giving me problems on 5/19/12

Monday Morning 5/21/12

The car was again overheating, on dash saying needs coolant.

when I had already put coolant into the car the same morning.

Called speedway auto, spoke with Oscar who told me to bring the car back after work. Took car back to speedway on 5/21/12 Speedway kept the car till

5/25/12. On 5/25/12 I went to pick up the car. They told me the car was fixed. They said they had replaced the coolant container and hose.


Car again was overheating,

Took the car to my own mechanic. The diagnostic of that was

a blown head gasket. I then had to have the car towed to speedway



They Said they would fix what was wrong with the car I gave him the

diagnostic from my own mechanic.


Speedway had called me and told me my car was fixed that I could pick it up. I drove off the lot to the nearest gas station. After putting gas in the car it started to overheat and say on the dash needs coolant. I went to go open the hood and the latch to open up the hood was broken. so I could not open the hood. I then drove the car back to speedway

and told them what was wrong. They said they would fix it. Until then I have been in contact with the dealer for 4 weeks I called and they would always tell me in a couple days the car would be ready.


Car is still in the possession of Speedway Auto Inc.

Review about: Volkswagen Passat.

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